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En route vers le succès langagier en français de la 4e à la 10e année

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En route vers le succès langagier en français de la 4e à la 10e année

Complete Document (PDF Document 4.04 MB)
Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning has developed this support document to provide teachers with essential tools to guide student success in learning French. This document follows the recommendations in the curriculum for French (English Program) which is based on the balanced literacy approach to teaching a second language.

This document is divided into themes with suggestions for each grade level. It presents possible learning situations that teachers can use to develop and expand the thematic units. The can do statements will also assist teachers in determining the linguistic structures to be modelled.

Sections of the document:

Front Matter (PDF Document 306 KB)
Introduction (PDF Document 203 KB)

Explanation of Charts (PDF Format 225 KB)
Assessment (PDF Document 188 KB)
Methodology (PDF Document 226 KB)
Integration of Information and Communication Technology (PDF Document 158 KB)


Food - Grades 4 to 10 (PDF Document 1.6 MB)
There is an incremental progression from one level to next with considerable scaffolding that gradually decreases the support provided to students in order to allow to become independent learners.

School - Grades 4 to 10 (PDF Document 1.9 MB)
Title Word WORD Document PDF PDF Document
Appendix A: Planning Template 88 KB 206 KB
Appendix B: Learning Strategies (Student)   167 KB
Appendix C: Best Practices (Teacher)

The pedagogical strategies that follow support the balanced literacy approach and are always modeled by the teacher in French. Theses strategies allow the students to listen, to understand, to interact orally and in writing in a rich and simulating context.

  302 KB
  Ma banque de mots 46 KB 82 KB
Le message du jour   218 KB
Le bavardage amical   231 KB
Appendix D: Reading Responses

It is important to note that before any reading or writing activity, the teacher contextualizes the learning situation orally.

  111 KB
  Ma partie préférée 1.4 MB 260 KB
Le début, le milieu, la fin 1.7 MB 242 KB
Je dessine l’histoire 219 KB 162 KB
Ma réflexion sur le livre 77 KB 136 KB
La poésie 129 KB 132 KB
Appendix E: Blackline Masters    
  Réflexion : deux étoiles et une suggestion 124 KB 210 KB
Pourquoi apprendre le français 77 KB 104 KB
La réflexion de la vidéo 460 KB 145 KB
Un francophone célèbre 264 KB 186 KB
Appendix F: Cultural activity (Senior Years)    
  Qui parle français?   145 KB

Bibliography (PDF Document 197 KB)