September 2017 - June 2018

September 2017

Jennifer Henry photo
“There are many paths to the right path, and no one else can decide on the right path for you.”

Jennifer Henry – Ozhaawash Kobinesiikwe

October 2017

Starlett Beardy photo
“You have a gift to offer the world…but it is up to you to find that gift and use it for the good of all.”

Starlett Beardy

December 2017

Lindsey Trudeau photo
“Sometimes we take the path less travelled and it may take a little longer to get there but that’s okay.”

Lindsey Trudeau

February 2018

Muriel Halabisky photo
“You are given a purpose in this life, find your purpose and make the best of it.”

Muriel Halabisky

May 2018

Tamara Rondeau photo
“You can be the author of your own success.”

Tamara Rondeau