September 2019 - June 2020

September 2019

Mona Moquin photo
“It can be a difficult journey, but we can all help keep our Mother Earth clean. ”

Mona Moquin – Pimipahtawi Maskwa Iskwew (Running Bear Women)

October 2019

April Walters photo
“Get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable!”

April Waters – Makade Binesi Ikwe (Black Thunderbird Woman)

November 2019

Rachel Neil photo
“Be who you are meant to be! Do what you are born to do!”

Rachel Neil

December 2019

Melissa Muir photo
“Take that risk! Also, to keep walking the good path – mino bimaadiziwin – showing kindness to others, our community and to ourselves can truly open opportunities for us.”

Melissa Muir – Apiscikakakes Iskwe (Magpie Woman)

January 2020

Stephanie Midford photo
“Lead with your heart! Always look for the positive in yourself, others and in every situation even when it is hard.”

Stephanie Midford – Ciipehtakwaaw Kiisik Iskwew (Blue Sky Women)

February 2020

Steven C Richard photo
“Looking into the present, if there is still time, make the best of whatever your desire may be, if it is good, go do it!”

Steven C Richard

March 2020

Dawn Dutchak photo
“Everyone will have good days and challenging days and the important thing is to believe in what you do.”

Dawn Dutchak

April 2020

Cameron Flamand photo
“You should not be ashamed. You should be proud of your ancestors.”

Cameron Flamand

May 2020

Phyllis Crow< photo
“Motivation to better our lives is in us to pursue. Don’t shut it out and don’t dwell on the negativity of your life, but instead reach out to it as this will allow you the ability to move forward!”

Phyllis Crow

June 2020

Desi-Rae Anderson photo
“When faced with the challenges in education, collaboration is key and always keep your focus on the reason we are here...”

Desi-Rae Anderson