October 2011 - June 2012

October 2011

Shawn Sigurdson photo
“Be enthusiastic and don’t be afraid to take risks”

Shawn Sigurdson

November 2011

Karen Froman photo
“No matter what your age, or how long it may take to finish, never give up on your education...”

Karen Froman

December 2011

Claudette Michell photo
“Believe you can and you will!”

Claudette Michell

January 2012

Jerry Sereda photo
“Many will tell you that things can’t be done, but never give up hope, and never settle for anything less than your dreams.”

Jerry Sereda

February 2012

Billy Flett photo
“No matter what you choose to do, in order to be successful you need to work hard and never give up.”

Billy Flett

March 2012

Sherri Denysuik
“The roadblocks that may come your way will become opportunities to the realization of your goals in life.”

Sherri Denysuik

May 2012

Tania Munroe Photo
“Just do it! The goals and the dreams you have for your future can be achieved as long as you try.”

Tania Munroe

June 2012

Mearle Chief Photo
“Just stay true to yourself and be ready to work for what you know is right.”

Mearle Chief