September 2016 - June 2017

September 2016

Clairissa Kelly “Walking Buffalo Woman” (Bear Clan) photo
“Be fearless and embrace every positive opportunity that comes your way...”

Clairissa Kelly “Walking Buffalo Woman”
(Bear Clan)

October 2016

Tasha Spillett photo
“The gifts that we were given aren’t for our individual benefit but for that of the collective...”

Tasha Spillett

November 2016

Rose Bird photo
“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and if you do, the key is to learn from them.”

Rose Bird

January 2017

Cindy Swampy photo
“Be proud of your culture, it defines who you are.”

Cindy Swampy

February 2017

Brenda Myran photo
“My strength comes from my people and my culture. I would encourage our young people to LEARN and practice their culture. ”

Brenda Myran

March 2017

Darren John McIvor photo
“Only focus on the things in which we have control over and let go of those things which are out of your control.”

Darren John McIvor

April 2017

Celina R. Dumas photo
“Have the courage to dream, be inspired to achieve your dreams, and love the path your dreams take you! ”

Celina R. Dumas