September 2014 - June 2015

September 2014

ron cook photo
“Speak your language; even if you know only a few words, make them part of your everyday use.”

Ron Cook

October 2014

Benjamin Joseph Morrisseau photo
“Think lightly of yourself, be aware and acknowledge the influences around you.”

Benjamin Joseph Morrisseau

November 2014

Amie Martin photo
“If you become discouraged in life, seek those who have the knowledge, experience and support to help you bring back the dreams you had before.”

Amie Martin

December 2014

Kevin Tacan photo
“As indigenous people it is important for us to continue with our education and acquire as much knowledge as possible.”

Kevin Tacan

January 2015

 Bernadine Thompson photo
“Life is full of choices. You may be dealt a raw hand but you ultimately have the choice in how you lead your life.”

Bernadine Thompson

February 2015

Adele Ledoux photo
“Listen and learn from the elders, for they are our language and cultural lifestyle professors.”

Adele Ledoux

March 2015

Ryan Cook photo
“But one thing I’ve learned is you don’t succeed anywhere unless you work hard every day. ”

Ryan Cook

April 2015

Gail Ledoux photo
“You can do whatever you set your mind to. Believe in yourself and don't love your sleep.”

Gail Ledoux

May 2015

Brittney Ferland photo
“Always have a positive attitude!”

Brittney Ferland