September 2012 - June 2013

September 2012

Charles Willard Ettawacappo photo
“Know the importance of setting a goal and aiming high to succeed and most importantly, speaking out and being heard.”

Charles Willard Ettawacappo

October 2012

Kateri Phillips photo
“Everyone is capable of realizing their dreams, no matter how far-fetched, and even if you do not always achieve them in the way you envisioned, your life would still be happier for having tried.”

Kateri Phillips

December 2012

Janice Millar photo
“The ways of “the Old People” have been my guide in life. I spent many years listening to their teaching through sharing their stories.”

Janice Millar

January 2013

Renée McGurry photo
“Identity is very important and should be part of everyone’s education.”

Renée McGurry

February 2013

Leona Catcheway photo
“...always remember only “you” can make a better life for yourself.”

Leona Catcheway

April 2013

Tammy Ortynski photo
“...stay focused on whatever your dreams are and that will make the road to getting there a bit easier!”

Tammy Ortynski

May 2013

Brandi Vezina photo
“Love yourself! Love will heal us and we cannot give what we don’t have.”

Brandi Vezina