Indigenous Excellence

September 2010 - June 2011

September 2010

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“Hold on to what you believe and keep on dreaming”

Sharon Conway


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“Teaching for me is not a career it is a privilege. I am honored to be involved in my students’ lives.”

Anita Louise Keith

November 2010

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“Use any life experience as a catalyst to guide you towards the realization of your dreams.”

Dustin Dvorak

December 2010

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“Believe in yourself because we all have something to offer the world and the world is waiting for you!”

Winston Hrechka - Munro

January 2011

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“Finish school and education will show you the world and how to survive in this world.”

Hilda Angela Fisher

February 2011

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“Individuals no matter what their station, beliefs, culture, or religion must be accepted and respected.”

Bill Simard

March 2011

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“Create for yourself an ambitious plan or a lofty goal.”

Michel (Mike) Beaulieu

April 2011

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“Continuous learning needs to be part of our daily life”

Linda Smith

May 2011

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“Be proud of who you are and the community in which you represent.”

Holly Linski

June 2011

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“You can do anything you want, as long as you believe in yourself...”

Frances Smith