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Profiles of Indigenous Educators

The Indigenous Excellence has launched its Indigenous Educators Profile in the 2010-2011 school year and this project remains on-going. Showcasing Indigenous educators throughout Manitoba, monthly educators will be posted to the website throughout the school year beginning September to June. Candidates selected represent a balance from the four directions, cultural groups and gender.

This project is intended to compliment both the Profiles of Aboriginal Educators: Footprints for the Future booklet featuring educators’ roles and responsibilities, personal stories, as well as words of encouragement for youth and the Aboriginal Educators Poster Series highlighting educators in various educational roles such as teachers, administrators, educators and Elders.

This project also serves to address the need to continuously establish mechanisms to recruit and train more Indigenous educators and to promote education as a career choice amongst students and youth. To submit names for candidates for the Indigenous Educator of the Month Series, please contact Wanda Spence at 204-945-4653.

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