International Education


Manitoba provides everything you need for a world-class education. This site covers all aspects of international education in Manitoba and is designed to provide information and resources to a wide range of audiences:

International Students

Manitoba warmly welcomes all international students, and appreciates the diverse perspectives you bring to our classrooms and communities. In return, Manitoba offers you a high quality and affordable education experience, with opportunities for you to learn in English or French environments.

To discover more about why you should consider studying in Manitoba, explore the International Students section of our website.

Domestic Students

Becoming a global citizen through exposure to other countries, languages and cultures is an invaluable experience. It will not only benefit you as an individual but will also prepare you to make even greater contributions to your community at home and abroad.

Manitoba students who want to expand their international and intercultural horizons are encouraged to tour the Domestic Students section of our website.

Administrators and Educators in Manitoba

Educators and administrators who recognize the need to expose their students to global perspectives in all areas of study are essential in creating enriched learning environments.

International education administrators who want to support internationalization opportunities for students, faculty, and communities will find helpful resources in the Administrators and Educators section of our website.

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