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The Manitoba Advantage: Accommodations

There are a wide range of accommodation options for international students living in Manitoba:


In a homestay, you will live with a host family that provides a private room and daily meals for a monthly fee.

Families are carefully screened and approved by the educational institutions. For more information ask about the availability and cost of Homestay programs provided through your institution.

Student residences and dormitories

Depending on the institution, you might have the opportunity to apply to live in a student residence or dormitory. Demand is normally very high so you may need to apply long before you even know if you have been accepted. Contact your institution to find out how to apply and if there is potential waiting list.

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Family and friends

Staying with friends or family living in Manitoba can be an economical choice for you. Contact your friends or family ahead of time to establish living arrangements before you arrive in Manitoba.

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Private housing

If you choose to rent a private room, apartment, or house, you will be responsible for making your own arrangements. You can inquire at your institution for information to assist you in your search.

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Minor students

If you are under 18 year of age attending high school, you will be required to show proof of custodianship and you are not allowed to live on your own.

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Temporary accommodations

If you are unable to access your long-term accommodation when you arrive, there are a number of options available for temporary accommodation (hotels, bed and breakfast etc.). Visit Travel Manitoba’s Where to Stay webpageexternal website

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