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A Dynamic Economy

Manitoba has a high standard of living, steady economic growth, diversified industry, and high employment. Our central location and excellent air, rail and roads make Manitoba a gateway to the rest of Canada, North America, and the world. Manitoba’s economy has a great reputation for innovation, quality, reliability, and sustainability in the national and global market place.

Manitoba's Strong, Dynamic, & Diversified Sectors


Manitoba’s state-of-the-art aerospace industry is the largest in Western Canada, employing over 5,300 people. The industry is export-oriented, serving hundreds of companies worldwide.

Agribusiness Manufacturing and Technology

Led by more than 250 Manitoba-based firms, this sector produces equipment, technology and related services for crop and livestock production, with a focus on grain-based companies.

Building Products

In 2010, the Manitoba building products industry shipped about $214 Million of building products to the U.S., China and Europe. Local companies specialize in cold-climate engineering and design, and R2000.

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Cultural Industries

Manitoba is the cultural capital of Canada with an abundance of quality arts organizations, festivals and touring companies.

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Manitoba’s education system supports and promotes the benefits of international education. Schools offer courses aimed at international students, along with study and work abroad programs, international education contracts and development projects. These activities strengthen international partnerships, creating economic and job opportunities for Manitobans and international students alike.

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Manitoba’s hydroelectric power supply is a clean, renewable energy source. Over the next 10 to 15 years, approximately $15 billion will be invested in major new hydroelectric projects along rivers and lakes in northern Manitoba. These projects will employ many engineers and construction works to ensure a reliable, cost-effective supply of electricity long into the future.

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Environmental Industries

Manitoba is a clean-energy and sustainable development leader, ranked as the #1 province in Canada in energy efficiency. In addition to having the most aggressive biodiesel strategy in Canada, Manitoba is further reducing fossil fuel use by relying more and more on geothermal heat pumps and wind power.

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Financial Services

Manitoba’s financial services industry includes insurance, mutual funds, wealth management, and leasing. The industry has a workforce of over 20,000 people and uses world-class information technology and communications systems.

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Food Processing (Value-added)

With over 250 companies, the value-added food processing industry is the largest manufacturing sector in Manitoba, representing 25 per cent of total provincial manufacturing shipments (about $4 billion in 2010).

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Heavy Vehicle Manufacturing

The heavy vehicle manufacturing sector employs 6,500 people and accounts for about 10 per cent of Manitoba’s annual exports. The industry specializes in producing buses, fire trucks, motor homes, recreational vehicles, and agricultural equipment.

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Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Digital Media

With over 1,500 companies, and supported by a large network of research and development organizations and industry associations, Manitoba’s ICT sector employs 22,000 people. In addition, digital media and gaming companies posted industry growth of over 850 per cent from 2007 to 2010.

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Mining and Minerals

The Manitoba mineral industry employs over 6,000 people. Manitoba companies produce about 20 per cent of Canada’s nickel, as well as cobalt, copper, zinc, gold, silver, selenium, tellurium, cesium and lithium.

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Oil & Gas

Mantioba’s oil production is currently located in southwest Manitoba along the northeastern flank of the Williston Basin, a sedimentary basin that also occupies portions of southern Saskatchewan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. Currently there are 15 designated oil fields and 178 producing oil pools in southwest Manitoba.

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With over 6,800 retail stores employing 66,700 people, Manitoba’s retail trade industry was valued at approximately $16 billion in 2010. The retail trade industry contributes approximately $2.9 billion (7.3 per cent) to Manitoba’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annually.

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Transportation and Logistics

A centre for transportation, warehousing, distribution and logistics across North American for more than a century, Manitoba is home to CentrePort Canadaexternal website , North America’s new 20,000-acre inland port. Located next to Winnipeg’s James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, CentrePort Canada provides facilities for distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing.

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