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Work Abroad

Working or volunteering abroad is an excellent way to learn different aspects of a culture that a tourist may not see.

Working abroad will allow you to earn an income and defray some of the costs of your trip. International practicum and cooperative education programs provide you with valuable work experience in an international setting.

Contact your faculty to find out if an international practicum or cooperative education programs are available to you.

Please note that you must obtain permission to work or volunteer from the government of the country you will be visiting. Canada has entered into several youth mobility agreements with countries around the world that facilitate international work opportunities.

One of the easiest ways for Canadians to apply for open-work permits and visas is through the International Experience Canada programexternal website (IEC). The IEC program provides you with the opportunity to choose from up to three travel and work experiences:

  • Working Holiday
  • Young Professional
  • International Co-op Internship

Additional information about working abroad can be found on the Government of Canada’s Working Abroad webpageexternal website

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Language Assistants Abroad

Becoming a language assistant abroad will provide you with the opportunity to practice and utilize your language skills in truly immersive environment. Typically, language assistants work in elementary to high school classrooms in the host country.

The program length, monthly wage/stipend, and accommodation vary based on the program you apply to. Below you will find information on three different language assistant programs operating in Colombia, Germany, and Spain.

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The Travel Smart App

The Government of Canada has released the Travel Smart App to provide Canadians going abroad with key travel information, including:

  • Travel advice and advisories for over 200 destinations worldwide
  • Emergency contact information for Canadian embassies and consulates abroad, and the 24-7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa
  • Access to the Government of Canada’s Registration of Canadians Abroad service to stay connected to Canada in case of an emergency at home or abroad
  • Continuously updated wait times at key Canada-U.S. border crossings
  • Quick access to’s social media accounts, where you can ask questions, share travel advice, and learn about travelling safely abroad

The Travel Smart App can be downloaded for free to your smart device through the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit the Government of Canada’s Travel Smart App webpageexternal website

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