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Work in Manitoba

The employment rate in Manitoba is over 95% and companies are always looking for bright new employees. As you study, you may also be able to get international work experience in one or more of Manitoba's diversified and dynamic economic sectors.

To help you plan for your ideal job in Manitoba, take advantage of Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada’s Planning to work in Manitoba, Canada? An essential workbook for newcomersexternal website to help you along the way.

If you hold a valid study permit, you may be able to work while studying without applying for a separate work permit:

The specific criteria for each of these work opportunities are outlined by Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canadaexternal website. Visit the Government of Canada's Get a Student Work Permitexternal website page for detailed information.

You are responsible for following the regulations outlined by Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada. Please note that you must not work in Canada without being authorized to do so.

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