Professional Certification

School Clinician Certificate

Effective October, 2021, Post-Secondary education completed outside of Canada or the United States of America requires a course-by-course (ICAP) evaluation by the World Education Services (WES). This course-by-course evaluation must be mailed directly to the Professional Certification Unit (PCU) from WES. Please refer to Post-Secondary Education Completed Outside of Canada or the United States of America for more information.

The following types of School Clinician Certificates may be issued:

  • Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Reading
  • School Psychology
  • Social Work

A School Clinician is issued a provisional school clinician certificate; valid for three years. A provisional school clinician certificate may be extended once to a maximum of 3 years.

Basic Qualifications for Provisional Certification
Type of Certificate Qualifications
Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology The academic qualifications needed to meet the licensing requirements, and is a member of the College of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology of Manitoba.
Occupational Therapy A four year Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree or an equivalent degree and is a member of the College of Occupational Therapists of Manitoba.
Physiotherapy A four year Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree or an equivalent degree and is a member of the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba.
School Psychology An approved Master's degree in School Psychology, in which he or she completed the approved courses in psychology and related areas. Please review the School Clinician Certificate School Psychology Guideline to Qualification (Adobe Icon 241 KB) for more information.
Social Work A four year Bachelor of Social Work degree or an approved equivalent, and is a member of the Manitoba College of Social Workers.
  1. An approved Master’s degree in Education, in which he or she completed the approved courses in clinical reading and related areas; and
  2. has completed
    1. two years of clinical reading experience or of remedial reading experience,
    2. one year of clinical or one year of remedial reading experience, or
    3. two years of classroom teaching experience in Manitoba, primarily focused on literacy learning and diagnostic or specialized assessment, while holding a permanent professional teaching certificate, or approved teaching experience in a jurisdiction other than Manitoba while holding an approved teaching certificate issued by the jurisdiction.

Please review the School Clinician Certificate Reading Clinician Guideline to Qualification (Adobe Icon 1.1 MB) for more information.

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Application Process


A certification application will remain open for twelve months from the date it is first received.  If all documentation is not received within twelve months, the file will be closed. There will be no refund of the application fee.

The Professional Certification Unit (PCU) reserves the right to request further documentation, to assist in the evaluation of your credentials.

PCU will evaluate your application once all required documents have been received.

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Permanent School Clinician Certificate Qualifications

  1. Satisfactorily complete the equivalent of 360 days of supervised clinical experience as a clinician in a Manitoba school while holding a valid provisional certificate. Supervision will include, but not be limited to, a minimum of 25 hours with direct a supervisor – supervisee contact on matters of case management, etc.
  2. First and second year School Clinician Supervision Reports (Adobe Icon 860 KB). The supervising clinician name must be submitted to the Professional Certification Unit for approval prior to the start of employment. The supervising clinician is required to hold a valid Permanent School Clinician of the same type/discipline.
  3. Secure the recommendation of your supervising school clinician and superintendent. Employer Recommendation for Extension of Provisional or Permanent School Clinician Certification (Adobe Icon 700 KB).
  4. An original current background check that consists of:
    1. A Criminal Record Check including a Vulnerable Sector Search
      1. Checks may be completed at your local Law Enforcement Agency in Canada.
      2. Residents of Winnipeg may complete checks using the Winnipeg Police Service Online Criminal Record Check. Results must be shared DIRECTLY to "Manitoba Education and Training Professional Certification" through the online service to be considered original.
    2. A Manitoba Child Abuse Registry Check
      1. Information and application form are available online.

      NOTE: All background checks must be dated within 3 months of the date the Professional Certification Unit received the application and include all current and past full legal names that match your birth certificate and marriage certificate, divorce decree, or official name change document (if applicable). These checks become part of your file and are not returned.

  5. Successfully complete the University of Manitoba course "EDUA 5012 Legal and Administrative Aspects of Schools for Clinicians" and provide an official transcript mailed DIRECTLY from the University of Manitoba to PCU.
  6. Submit the Application to Change School Clinician Certification Status (Adobe Icon 1.23 MB) including the required $ 25 fee by mail or fax to the Professional Certification Unit.
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Reconsiderations and Appeals


You may appeal the assessment of your credentials as it relates to certification, salary classification and recognition of experience. There are two steps to the appeal process. 

The first step before pursuing a formal appeal is a Request for Reconsideration which must be submitted within 45 days of the date of the letter you received from the Professional Certification Unit advising you of your evaluation outcome.  There is no fee associated with this step of the appeal process.

A formal Request for Appeal may be made following a Reconsideration decision in those cases where the applicant continues to be dissatisfied with the decision.  A Request for Appeal must be accompanied by a fee of $99.00 and must be submitted within 45 days of the date of the Reconsideration decision. The provincial body that hears appeals will be charged with ascertaining whether there has been an error in interpreting and/or applying the regulatory requirements.  If the appeal is successful, the fee will be refunded.  For detailed information regarding the appeal process and to access the forms for each step of the process visit Reconsiderations and Appeals.

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