Professional Certification

Reconsiderations and Appeals

Decisions concerning the assessment of your credentials as it relates to certification, salary classification, and recognition of experience may be appealed. There are two steps to the Appeal process. The initial step before pursuing a formal appeal is a Request for Reconsideration. There is no fee associated with this step of the process but there is a filing deadline.

A formal Request for Appeal may be made following the Reconsideration decision in those cases where the applicant continues to be dissatisfied with the decision. A Request for Appeal must be accompanied by a fee of $99.00. If the appeal is successful, the fee will be refunded.

The following links provide more information regarding the appeal process and access to the forms for each step of the process.

Appeal Process Information (Word Icon 41 KB)

Request for Reconsideration (Word Icon 187 KB)

Request for Appeal (Word Icon 202 KB)

Questions may be directed to:

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