Distance Learning

Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning is committed to providing high quality distance learning options that respond to the different needs of students, schools, and school divisions in order to support flexibility and increased educational opportunities for learners in Manitoba, regardless of geographic location.

Distance learning is a method of accessing courses of study even though learners and their teachers may be in different physical locations.

Distance learning provides program flexibility and equitable access to diverse learning opportunities, while at the same time respects local community decisions regarding program implementation.

Distance Learning Programs in Manitoba

Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre (Grades 1–8)
English – Online Synchronous Learning
Telephone: 431-373-7183
Email: andy.mead@sjasd.ca
Website: Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre

InformNet (Grades 9–12)
English and French Immersion Courses – Online Synchronous Learning and Blended Learning Options
Telephone: 204-831-4000 extension 5400
Email: informnet@pembinatrails.ca
Website: InformNet

Teacher Mediated Option (Grades 9–12)
English – Synchronous Learning Options – Online or by Telephone
Telephone: 204-385-6697
Email: tmo@pcsdonline.ca
Website: Teacher Mediated Option

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a combination of traditional face-to-face classroom learning and online/remote learning. The exact combination of face-to-face with online/remote learning will look different for each teacher and their students, but a common aspect of any blended learning environment is the amount of student centered or student control of learning it allows. Students participate in determining how, when, and where they complete some of their learning.

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