Distance Learning

WBC Training/Workshops

Live workshops and webinars are available for the LMS. School divisions can request local training on-site with a group of at least 10 teachers. Webinars can be requested for small groups or one to one training.

Unless otherwise stated, register for the sessions by using the Workshop Registration System. Use the Search and Register link to find the workshops or webinars listed as "Web-based Courses...". Participants will receive confirmation one week prior to the session.

All webinars will be conducted online. Participants will need a microphone/headset. To schedule a webinar, please contact Shannon Magee at 431-373-9097.

Phone and email support/training is available 12 months of the year by contacting Shannon Magee at 431-373-9097.

Web-based courses can be accessed on the Learning Management System.

Please contact1-800-465-9915 if you have any questions.

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