Distance Learning

Diploma Granting

To be eligible for a Manitoba Mature Student High School Diploma (MSHSD) or a Manitoba High School Diploma from the Distance Learning Unit you must:


Documents which prove identity are typically issued by a government body and may include a passport, permanent residence card, driver's license, or health card. Documents which prove residency during your period of study may include utility bills, rental agreements, or mortgage documents. The determination of what constitutes acceptable documentary proof of identity and residency is at the discretion of the Distance Learning Unit; applicants are encouraged to communicate with Distance Learning Unit to confirm they can provide acceptable documentation before registering for a course.

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Transcript Evaluation

Students are to contact the Distance Learning Unit and to speak with a consultant in regards to transcript evaluation and attaining a diploma with the Distance Learning Unit.

If students have completed Manitoba high school credits and would like them assessed for credit towards their diploma, they are to provide copies of all original transcripts or statements of courses and marks to the Distance Learning Unit. Students are to contact all high schools and/or adult learning centres attended to request official transcripts. Please contact these institutions directly for official transcripts.

Manitoba students who have attended and received credits from a non-funded independent school will have their credits assessed for possible credit transfer and grade placement if they will be enrolling in courses through the Distance Learning Unit. Students must produce official transcripts with marks and course descriptions for evaluation. Samples of course work and/or a portfolio may be required.

Students wishing to transfer credits from out-of-province for consideration towards a Manitoba Mature High School Diploma, or a Manitoba High School Diploma, will be required to produce official transcripts of credits earned out-of-province and request for an assessment in writing with a signed letter. The letter must contain the students name, date of birth, Manitoba address and phone number. Students who have attended and received high school credits from an out-of-country school may have to produce course descriptions for assessment. Samples of course work and/or a portfolio may be required.

All transcripts should, except in exceptional circumstances, be an official document or a certified copy of the original. If the official transcripts are issued in another name, proof of name change may be required. Translation may be necessary. If possible, the student should submit a true and exact translation of the documentation. Transcripts are generally issued by government departments/ministries of education.

The document Evaluating Out-of-Province Course Completions for Senior Years Credits: A Guide for School Administrators will be used to determine appropriate grade level equivalencies that will facilitate placement of students arriving from out-of-province.

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