students at a table talking Needs Assessment and Program Review

Undertake a needs assessment and program review for STEAM skills, technical-vocational learning experiences and apprenticeship to explore equitable access for all students, including opportunities in French and throughout rural, remote and First Nations communities.

What's New

  • The Manitoba government has doubled the annual Career Development Initiative Grant for a total of $4 million in funding to facilitate the hiring of High School Apprenticeship Program educators to increase student apprenticeship pathways.
  • The additional $2.0 million in funding includes $90,000 for a High School Apprenticeship Program educator in each school division or consortium, with the remaining allocated based on analysis of program enrolment in recent years.

The Commitment

The High School Apprenticeship Program is a pathway for students in English, French Immersion and Francais programs in Grades 10 to 12 to explore an apprenticeable trade while completing their academic graduation requirements.

Expansion of the High School Apprenticeship Program is underway, with a commitment to:

  • Increase awareness of the program pathway to ensure students, educators, parents and employers have the necessary tools and information to successfully access and participate in the program
  • Provide funding to school divisions to strengthen human resources at the school/division level dedicated to supporting students, parents, and employers in accessing and participating in the program and to monitor for success.
  • Promote career exploration in trades through meaningful on-the-job training as part of the high school experience
  • Increase the number of high school student apprentices in the trades, especially in the northern region and in the Francophone community
  • Increase graduation rates
  • Support the transition of students from high school to the workplace and/or a post-secondary training
  • Meet the needs of the Manitoba labour market

What This Means for Manitobans

High School Apprenticeship Program educators play an essential role in connecting youth to employers while students transition to the workplace and post secondary education. Along with students deepening their understanding of practical applications, this increase will improve high school graduation rates, promote career exploration, meet industry demands and economic imperatives for the skilled trades workforce.

What We’ve Done

  • High School Apprenticeship Program guides and resources have been updated and can be found at the Government of Manitoba - Technology Education - High School Apprenticeship Program website
  • Developed a new Grade 12 Career Development course: Transitioning to the Workplace, University and College. The course is available in both French and English.
  • A media campaign was initiated to share information with employers, parents, students, schools and school divisions, including:
    • A new web microsite launched in April 2023
    • Radio ads targeted employers in the North and in Indigenous and Francophone communities across Manitoba in April/May 2023
    • Trade publication advertising and editorial content
    • Brochures in English and French were distributed at High School Apprenticeship Program Professional Learning Group meetings and at the Skills Canada National Competition in May 2023

Next Steps

  • Support school divisions with their work in promoting and implementing the High School Apprenticeship Program as a potential career pathway for students.
  • Support professional development to new and existing High School Apprenticeship Program educators, counselors, school administrators and Technical Vocational Education teachers.
  • Provide High School Apprenticeship Program sessions to employers. Chamber of commerce, Trade organizations: e.g. Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker, Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservices Association.