Advisory Groups and Task Forces

Poverty and Education Task Force

The creation of the Provincial Task Force on Poverty and Education was one of the recommendations arising from the final report of the Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education. Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning launched the task force in the fall of 2021. 

The role of the task force is to ensure engagement across sectors and communities through a child-centred approach to identify recommendations to support student success and well-being.  The task force will undertake a targeted engagement strategy to

  • address joint poverty and education issues in order to contribute to overall poverty reduction in Manitoba
  • support an all-systems approach to identifying contributing factors, barriers, and solutions to the complex problem of the impacts of poverty on learning
  • put forth advice on areas of action to holistically support the needs of children and youth and respond to the impacts of poverty on learning

The task force will be proposing tangible actions at the classroom, school, division, and community levels that will have a positive impact on student learning, well-being, and outcomes that will be shared with the Minister and inform the work of the Poverty Reduction Committee to support government’s overall work and strategy on poverty. Considerations for the unique needs of Indigenous children living in poverty will be at the forefront of this consultative process.

Areas of initial focus for the task force may include

  • food access and security
  • access to technology, transportation, and other socio-economic barriers as impediments to participation
  • outcomes and continuity of education for children in care

For the terms of reference, see the Poverty and Education Task Force Terms of Reference (Adobe PDF Document 204 KB).

Poverty and Education Task Force Members

Key stakeholders with expertise in poverty-related issues will be key to achieving diversity of perspectives, geographic representation, and experience.

Poverty and Education Task Force Members
Mona Audet Pluri-Elles
Jordan Bighorn CEDA Pathways
Brenda Brazeau Manitoba Association of Parent Councils
Chris Brens City of Winnipeg
Kamryn Brown Minister’s Student Advisory Council Member
Pauline Clarke Manitoba Association of School Superintendents
Jackie Connell Intersectoral Lead for the Task Force
Bunny Davis-Holstein Minister’s Student Advisory Council Member
Davin Dumas Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre
Fadi Ennab University of Winnipeg, Urban and Inner City Studies
Meaghan Erbus Harvest Manitoba
Rob Fisher Council of School Leaders of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society
Sarah Gazan The Manitoba Teachers’ Society
Janet Kanayok Manitoba Inuit Association
Reg Klassen Frontier School Division
Dilly Knol Andrews Street Family Centre
Nathan Maertins The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Tammy Mitchell River East Transcona School Division
Michael Redhead Champagne North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC), Fearless R2W
Dana Rudy Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning
Rhonda Taylor Career Trek
Kathy Valentino Association for Manitoba Municipalities
Janelle Wotton Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba
Heidi Wurmann Manitoba Families


Established September 2021.