Indigenous Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we have been asked at the Indigenous Excellence.

What do you do at the Indigenous Excellence?

The Indigenous Excellence works from within Education and Early Childhood Learning and Early Childhood Learning. The Indigenous Excellence provides leadership and support in Aboriginal education and training. Implementation of objectives focuses on activities such as:

  • providing cultural and anti-racism workshops to schools, parents, educators, post-secondary institutions, government departments and community organizations
  • coordinating of A Journey from Cultural Awareness to Cultural Competency training to school divisions and to First Nation schools in partnership with Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre
  • promotion and participation in Aboriginal-focused research
  • coordination of sessions with education and Aboriginal stakeholders regarding Aboriginal education and training policy directions
  • collaboration with parents, families, schools and communities through initiatives such as Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents (BSSIP) and the Community Schools Program (CSP)
  • coordination of and work in partnership on Aboriginal Identity Declaration initiatives
Can I apply for funding?

The Indigenous Excellence does not provide funding for post-secondary education. If you are treaty status, all funding agencies will refer you back to your band for funding. You may also contact the Manitoba Regional Office of Indigenous Services Canada at 204-983-4928 Toll Free (in Canada) 1-800-567-9604. If you are not treaty, you will be referred to Manitoba Student Aid where you can apply for a student loan or bursary program. You may also want to check the Aboriginal Canada Portal – Aboriginal Funding Tool which is an interactive tool to help Aboriginal students find different types of funding available specifically for Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Can I apply for one of your courses?

The Indigenous Excellence does not offer courses. We provide support to teachers, administrators, parents and community agencies. Please view our links section to find post-secondary institutions in Manitoba.