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Funding for Student Services/Special Education

In Manitoba, all students are entitled to receive appropriate educational programming. Every school division is unique in how a continuum of supports is provided for students with special needs. Special Needs Levels 2 and 3 funding is only part of the funding school divisions receive to support students with special learning needs.

Manitoba Education publishes the Funding of Schools booklet each year which outlines the base support grants and categorical grants provided to school divisions.

There are some grants that support students with special needs specifically, for example the Student Services Grant and Clinician/Coordinator grants. These grants are used by school divisions to provide a continuum of supports for students with special needs.

In addition, there are also categorical grants that are student specific. Level 2 and 3 grants are provided to school divisions when students with severe to profound needs meet established funding criteria. Applications for level 2 and 3 grants may be approved for one or more years. Appropriate supports are determined by school divisions and school teams in consultation with parents.

Continuation of multi- and maximum-year funding for any given student is dependent upon continuing to meet eligibility criteria, based on Special Needs Funding Guidelines and attendance. School divisions have a responsibility to utilize the Special Needs Funding Level 2/3 Pupils report to help determine if there are students whose status has changed such that they no longer require this level of support (i.e. students who have shown significant growth; students whose attendance or length of school day has decreased). If there have been changes that may affect funding status, these changes should be reported during the next round of additions/deletions, If unclear as to how to proceed, contact the one of the Funding Review Team.

Special Needs Categorical Funding Criteria

Low Incidence Level 2 and Level 3

Level 2 and 3 funding is part of the Special Needs Categorical support provided through the Funding of Schools Program. The process for determining eligibility for level 2 or 3 funding requires Manitoba Education to consider applications on an individual basis. The Student Services Administrator together with resource teachers and other division-based personnel identify those students requiring exceptional supports who meet the Criteria for Level 2 or 3 funding support. Applications are completed and submitted to Manitoba Education's funding review team to determine eligibility. The process for application and determination of eligibility are outlined in the links to the right.

Students with profound emotional/behavioural disorders require Multisystem treatment plans. Eligibility for funding is determined by a Multisystem Team that has representation from Education, Family Services and Labour, Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs and Justice. See EBD Level 3. For students who require support for complex medical procedures that must be performed by a registered nurse, the URIS application process is used. Eligibility for funding is determined by a Multisystem Team that has representation from Education, Family Services and Labour and Health. See Unified Referral and Intake System.



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