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Safe and Caring Schools


Welcome to the Safe and Caring Schools website for Manitoba Education and Training.

Manitoba Education and Training has been working for a number of years in a variety of ways to ensure that all students have access to a quality education in safe and caring learning environments, free from physical and emotional harm and respectful of human diversity.

Creating safe, caring, and responsive schools free from bullying and cyberbullying requires a strong foundation of legislation, policy, and school-based programming. It also requires community partnerships that build the capacity of children and youth to engage in healthy relationships based on a sense of shared responsibility for each other.

This website provides Manitoba’s educators, students, parents, and community members with valuable information and resources to support safe and caring schools.

Learn more about the history of the Safe and Caring Schools Strategy and Manitoba’s Philosophy of Inclusion.

News and Publications

Responding to Religious Diversity in Manitoba's Schools: A Guide for Educators
(Draft 2015)

Responding to Religious Diversity in Manitoba's Schools: A Guide for EducatorsResponding to Religious Diversity in Manitoba's Schools: A Guide for Educators (Draft 2015) is intended to serve as a resource for educators and schools seeking to respond to the needs of their religiously diverse students and community. The document provides a guide for welcoming religious diversity and providing accommodations in Manitoba schools.

Manitoba Provincial Report

Tell Them From Me: Bullying and School Safety 2013/2014

Tell Them From Me: Bullying and School Safety 2013/2014The Manitoba Provincial Report: Tell Them From Me: Bullying and School Safety 2013/2014 provides educators in the province with statistics on bullying and school safety. Also included is information regarding provincial anti-bullying initiatives and resources, as well as conclusions and next steps.

Safe and Caring Schools: Taking Action Against Bullying

Respect for Human Diversity PoliciesThe information in Safe and Caring Schools: Taking Action Against Bullying summarizes current Manitoba legislation and is intended to help adults who work in schools identify incidents of bullying and know what to report, how to report, and when to contact parents. This document will also inform parents of the requirement for schools to report bullying and to contact parents.

Safe and Caring Schools: Respect for Human Diversity Policies

(Revised 2015)

Respect for Human Diversity PoliciesRespect for Human Diversity Policies: A Support Document for Manitoba School Divisions and Funded Independent Schools in Developing Human Diversity Policies–Part of Manitoba’s Anti-bullying Action Plan is intended to provide information to assist school divisions and funded independent schools to comply with new legislation and to develop a respect for human diversity policy, or to revise existing policy, as a tool toward ensuring all Manitoba students experience safe and inclusive schools.

Safe and Caring Schools

A Resource for Equity and Inclusion in Manitoba Schools (MB MYGSA)

Safe and Caring Schools – A Resource for Equity and Inclusion in Manitoba Schools

Manitoba Education and Training in collaboration with EGALE Canada developed and published Safe and Caring Schools – A Resource for Equity and Inclusion in Manitoba Schools (MB MYGSA). This document is a valuable tool for educators, students, and parents in working together to create more equitable and inclusive schools, especially with respect to diversity of sexuality and gender identity and expression.


Provincial Code of Conduct

Provincial Code of Conduct (Adobe Icon 134 KB)
The Provincial Code of Conduct is a directive of the Minister and sets out appropriate disciplinary consequences and interventions that all schools are required to follow.

Kids Help Phone poster you're not alone – We're here to help with anything 24/7/365 (Adobe Icon 347 KB)
Manitoba Education and Training is pleased to present the Kids Help Phone poster you’re not alone—We’re here to help with anything 24/7/365 as part of a comprehensive anti-bullying action plan designed to help protect students and create a safe, inclusive environment.

Kids Help Phone is a community-based national organization that provides counselling, information, and support to young people. This poster will provide Kids Help Phone contact information to middle and senior years students who need help or support, including those who have been a target or a witness of bullying behavior.

Every Day, Bullying Hurts Another Child. Every Day, Bullying Hurts Another Child (Adobe Icon 1.23 MB)
Communities and schools in Manitoba are taking action to stop bullying and you can too. The information in this brochure will help you identify the signs of bullying, learn ways to stop bullying and what Manitoba is doing to help.

If you need help with an issue around bullying, Safe Schools Manitoba can also provide valuable information for parents on how to approach the school about a concern or where to get help for a child who is a victim of bullying. Mary T. Hall, Ph.D., Provincial Director can be reached by email: or by telephone: 204-233-1595 or fax: 204-231-1356.

Safe Schools Manitoba logo

Safe Schools Manitoba is a partnership initiative where organizations are committed to working together to enhance the safety of Manitoba's schools and communities. Safe Schools Manitoba offers workshops, resources, and consultations to create greater awareness and understanding of the problems that impact on the safety of students in schools.

The Safe Schools Advisory Council was convened in September 2012. 

The following organizations/associations/departments are represented on the Safe Schools Manitoba Advisory Council:

  • Council of School Leaders
  • Manitoba Association of Parent Councils
  • Manitoba Association of School Superintendents
  • Manitoba Children and Youth Opportunities
  • Manitoba Education
  • Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools
  • Manitoba School Boards Association
  • Manitoba Teachers’ Society
  • Student Services Administrators Association of Manitoba

The role of the committee is to:

  • provide advice and recommendations to the Director of Safe Schools Manitoba on matters related to safe school initiatives
  • Identifying  issues and concerns related to bullying, internet safety,
  • Providing  of consultation to  government and recommendation in the development of policies, procedures and initiatives that affect safe schools
One example of the advisory council’s role was to work closely with the Province when developing the Safe and Inclusive Schools Act. The Province consulted with the Safe Schools Manitoba Advisory Council, which recommended that government develop safe and caring school resources to support GSAs in schools. The council encouraged developing a resource kit in collaboration with Egale Canada.
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