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Planning and Reporting

Manitoba Education is committed to increasing student achievement, with a focus on literacy and numeracy. 

School Division

The K-12 Framework for Continuous Improvement, developed collaboratively with school division leaders and other provincial education partners, was introduced to superintendents in May 2016. The requirements for school division planning and reporting are outlined in the Framework.


In the 2015-16 school year, planning and reporting for the Aboriginal Academic Achievement, Literacy and Numeracy and the English as an Additional Language grants was incorporated into the overall school division planning and reporting process, which is now the K-12 Framework for Continuous Improvement Framework.

Effective July 2017, school divisions may include planning for the following grants as part of the overall school division plan:

  • Career Development Initiative (CDI)
  • Technology Education (TE)
  • Learning to Age 18 Coordinator Grant (L18)
  • Early Childhood Development Initiative (ECDI)

Planning requirements for the Framework.

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School divisions must complete and submit the following form as part of their Annual Report on Continuous Improvement.

NOTE: Effective immediately, the Education for Sustainable Development grant reporting is incorporated in the Grants – Financial Declaration form.


Principals are required to prepare an annual school plan. The school template (PDF Document 78 KB) may be used for this purpose. However school divisions may develop their own templates and guidelines.

School-level plans and reports are not to be submitted to the Department.

Every school in Manitoba is encouraged to have an Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) plan. ESD plans may be incorporated in the school plan or a separate plan can be developed. Examples of how to develop a school-based ESD plan can be found in these examples (PDF Document 78 KB).

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