Independent Together: Supporting the Multilevel Community

Learning Community for Parents

Parents value and encourage student goal setting, inquiry-based learning, collaborative/cooperative learning, student self-assessment and reflection, and the pedagogical theories that support a multilevel classroom. Their commitment to the independent learner and to the philosophy of the multilevel classroom fosters trust in the classroom community, as well as within the surrounding community.

Children in the classroom

How can you benefit from the multilevel learning community?

In a multilevel classroom,

  • trusting relationships develop with the same teacher over two or more years
  • fewer demands are placed on parents for attending classroom events, volunteering, and communicating with the school when siblings are in the same classroom
  • comfort levels increase for both you and your child at the beginning of the school year when you know the teacher, the expectations, and the classroom routines

What can you do to support the multilevel learning community?

As a parent, you have opportunities to

  • volunteer and observe in the multilevel classroom, based on your own time, interest, and comfort level
  • share your expertise related to a project or inquiry
  • help with scheduled activities such as book groups
  • supervise or drive students on field trips
  • collect and donate materials (such as buttons, bottle caps, jar lids, keys, and so on) to be used as math manipulatives, in learning centres, or for projects