Independent Together: Supporting the Multilevel Community


The Resources section of the Independent Together website contains elements that can be used to support learning and teaching in the multilevel classroom. You will find the following:

  • Media Gallery—contains various media (videos, stills, audio clips) that may be previewed online and downloaded for individual use.
  • Templates—offers downloadable blackline masters from the Independent Together document and a PowerPoint slide-show presentation.
  • Multilevel Support—lists print and online resources.
  • Research—features an interactive library of concepts important to understanding multilevel learning and teaching.
  • Independent Together—provides a link to Independent Together: Supporting the Multilevel Learning Community (in PDF format), which is available to download by chapter or as a complete document.
  • FAQs—answers questions that are frequently asked about the multilevel learning community.
  • Contacts—indicates consultants who may be contacted for additional information.
  • Glossary—provides definitions of terms related to the multilevel learning community.