Independent Together: Supporting the Multilevel Community

Learning Community for Administrators

"Differentiated instruction... is about shaping instructional methods and classroom practices in response to the diversity of students in our classrooms" (Manitoba Education and Training, Success for All Learners xi).

Differentiated instruction generally begins with formative assessment. It involves the partners in the learning community in planning to meet students' cognitive and developmental goals, and to accommodate the learners' interests and learning styles. Differentiated instruction in the multilevel classroom is also planning for strategic instruction from multiple curricula. Planning for learners with exceptional needs includes meeting the specific learning outcomes identified in their individual education plan (IEP). Watch Video Clip (1.01 MB)

Administrators facilitate differentiated instruction in the multilevel learning community when they

  • validate teachers' formative assessments based on focused observation to inform instruction and improve student learning View Word Document - Listen to Audio Clip (115 KB)
  • support beginning teachers in planning from one or two Foundation for Implementation documents and moving into others as confidence and knowledge grows View Word Document - Watch Video Clip (1.81 MB)
  • share an understanding of a classroom continuum of learning built on formative assessment for learning and grades as benchmarks for summative assessment.
  • emphasize the importance of the Model of Explicit Instruction in the classroom View Print Material - Watch Video Clip (952 KB)
  • encourage use of the multiple intelligences model and student choice Listen to Audio Clip (27 KB)
  • provide authentic materials and quality texts for supporting inquiry in a collaborative classroom Watch Video Clip (710 KB)
  • timetable large blocks of uninterrupted time for workshops (60 to 90 minutes) and integrated themes View Picture
  • offer time for professional learning about differentiation and for planning with other multilevel teachers Watch Video Clip (2.64 MB) - Watch Video Clip (943 KB)
  • inform parents about what differentiated instruction looks like Watch Video Clip (1.23 MB)
  • engage parents in setting goals and action plans for learning View Word Document - Watch Video Clip (427 KB)
  • celebrate learners' accomplishments as they meet their learning goals Watch Video Clip (4.60 MB)