Independent Together: Supporting the Multilevel Community

Learning Community for Learners

Learning and assessment happen every day in the multilevel classroom.

You might think about assessment as going on a road trip. The destination is your goal, and the road map is your plan to reach your goal. You may stop at gas stations to check your vehicle along the way, and you may check your road map to see if you are on track or need to make changes to your plan. You may even talk with others about how the trip is going. Of course, you will want to celebrate your successful arrival at your destination!

As a learner in a multilevel classroom, you are successful when you

  • set appropriate learning goals with the help of the teacher or parent(s), or by yourself
  • plan how goals will be met—ask the teacher, parent(s), or a classmate for help Watch Video Clip (1.2 MB)
  • learn strategies and practise using them
  • set criteria for quality work with the teacher and classmates Watch Video Clip (475 KB)
  • reflect at school and at home on learning View Word Document
  • ask a classmate to help assess work
  • collect evidence of learning for a portfolio
  • share the portfolio with classmates, the teacher, and parent(s)
  • set new learning goals

You can keep track of and share your learning through

  • reflections View Word Document
  • self-assessment (use a strategy such as Met / Not Yet) View Word Document
  • conferences
  • performances and/or products (show learning and make things) Watch Video Clip (591 KB)
  • quizzes (make a quiz)
  • developmental continua View Picture
  • learning logs
  • portfolios
  • other ways

Always check the criteria for quality work and celebrate your learning and the learning of your classmates!