Independent Together: Supporting the Multilevel Community

Learning Community for Learners

Independent Learning

Differentiated instruction means learning to use different strategies and ways to be a successful and independent learner. It also means having time to practise strategies to produce quality work. Students use and choose their strengths and/or "smarts" (multiple intelligences) to find the best ways to learn and to share and celebrate what they have learned.

Successful learners differentiate in many different ways. You can

  • learn to set realistic learning goals View Word Document - Watch Video Clip (1.20 MB)
  • help to make action plans with the teacher and parent(s) to meet learning goals View Word Document
  • think about what you already know View Word Document
  • watch and talk with others to learn about new ideas Watch Video Clip (534 KB)
  • ask lots of thinking questions Watch Video Clip (1.20 MB)
  • explore ideas and thinking with different materials Watch Video Clip (748 KB)
  • choose reading and learning resources to connect with English language arts, mathematics, physical education/health education, science, social studies, and information and communication technologies
  • practise strategies with classmates to improve learning Watch Video Clip (710 KB)
  • plan performances or projects (such as plays, TV shows, art pieces, demonstrations, dances, games, slide shows, brochures, posters, and so on) with classmates and alone to show new learning and thinking View Word Document - Watch Video Clip (1.91 MB)
  • collect work samples or evidence of learning for a portfolio  View Word Document
  • share your portfolio and celebrate learning with classmates, the teacher, and parent(s) Watch Video Clip (427 KB)
  • self-assess and reflect upon learning to change or set new learning goals View Word Document

Have fun learning!