Independent Together: Supporting the Multilevel Community

Learning Community for Learners

Computer - Globe - Science drawing

Connecting Curriculum

Curriculum integration in the multilevel classroom is learning to listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent by doing English language arts, mathematics, physical education/health education, science, social studies, and information and communication technologies altogether. (You will still have time for mathematics workshops and physical education.)

Curriculum integration helps you to

  • have more time to study special interests
  • think about connections among literature, mathematics, and other subjects View Word Document - Watch Video Clip (710 MB)
  • learn from other classmates Watch Video Clip (534 KB)
  • understand new ideas
  • show what you know and can do through performances and projects View Word Document - Watch Video Clip (265 KB)

Thinking and wondering about big ideas may become a challenging inquiry for you and your classmates.