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Pictures of Practice (Kindergarten to Grade 8)

The Music Pictures of Practice are intended to bring the Music Curriculum Framework of Outcomes to life. The Pictures of Practice offer possibilities for teaching and learning Music as experienced in authentic Manitoba classrooms.

Implementation Resources – Pictures of Practice
Pictures of Practice Title Grades
Purcell Rondo Purcell Rondo (Adobe icon 935 KB) Grades
1 to 4
Who are the Inuit? Who are the Inuit? (Adobe icon 2.54 MB) Grades
3 to 6
Simple Machines Simple Machines: Demonstrating understanding through music and movement (Adobe icon 2.37 MB) Grades
4 to 6
Jazz Exploration Jazz Exploration: A Instrumental Music Education Learning Experience (Adobe icon 2.41 MB) Grades
6 to 8
My First Recital My First Recital (Adobe icon 1.16 MB) Grades
6 to 8
Jazz Band Group Composition Jazz Band Group Composition: 12-bar Blues Head (Adobe icon 1.73 MB) Grades
7 to 8

Learning Resources

Arts Education: Music Grades 5 to 8 Learning Resources: A Reference for Selecting Learning Resources (November 2011) (Adobe Icon 359 KB)

Arts Education: Music Kindergarten to Grade 6 Learning Resources: A Reference for Selecting Learning Resources (February 2009) (Adobe Icon 267 KB)