Gouvernement du Manitoba

Arts Education


Grades 9 to 12 Music

Manitoba Curriculum Framework


The Grades 9 to 12 Music Framework addresses the purpose, nature, and importance of quality music education from Grades 9 to 12. The framework explains the use of the butterfuly as a metaphor for learning within the learning landscape of visual arts, and for representing the interconnected parts of the curriculum.

The Music Curriculum Framework consists of four essential learning areas which are elaborated by 13 recursive learnings and realized through enacted learnings. Ideas for inquiry questions are included to support the enacted learnings by providing teachers and learners with possible entry points and pathways into the study of music.

A Conceptual Framework for Learning Growth in Music Education is provided as support for using the framework to design music courses, plan for and assess learning in music education, and to distinguish course credits for each grade. The Conceptual Framework is based on the 13 recursive music learnings and is located as an Appendix in the Music Curriculum Framework. Further appendices, a glossary, and bibliography provide additional support for the music education learnings.