The panoramic photographs of Manitoba landscapes in the website banners are used with the kind permission of © Stan Milosevic.

The “landscape” images and metaphor illustrated in the website banners represent current understandings about curriculum presented in the “Guiding Principles for WNCP Curriculum Framework Projects” (Western and Northern Canadian Protocol, 2011).

New ways of thinking about curriculum involve a “shift in the images we use, away from knowledge pictured as fragmented pieces put together, one piece at a time, in a linear fashion on an assembly line, to an image of knowledge as a complex organic network organized into living fields, territories or 'landscapes'. Learning about these living fields of knowledge requires: 'learning the landscape'.”

About the banner

Visual Arts

Artwork Gallery

This gallery is comprised of original artwork created by Manitoba Kindergarten to Grade 12 students from various Manitoba schools. At different times during the school year these pieces of artwork have been displayed in the office of the Minister.

Artwork By Group

Group 1 - Pinkham School, Sigurbjorg Stefansson Early School
Group 2 - John Henderson Junior High, Kent Road School, Lord Nelson School, Maple Leaf School
Group 3 - Prince Charles School, St. Boniface Diocesan High School, Winnipeg Technical College
Group 4 - Dakota Collegiate, H. S. Paul School, J. H. Bruns Collegiate, Margaret Park School
Group 5 - General Byng School, École Leila North Community School
Group 6 - Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary, General Byng School
Group 7 - École La Vérendrye Immersion, General Byng School, H. S. Paul School
Group 8 - Concord School, Deerwood School, Juniper School, Principal Sparling School, R. D. Parker Collegiate, École Riverside, École Saint-Germain
Group 9 - Collège Béliveau, Collège Jeanne-Sauvé, École Provencher, École Saint-Germain
Group 10 - Collège Béliveau, Collège Jeanne-Sauvé, École La Vérendrye Immersion
Group 11 - Stonewall Collegiate
Group 12 - Charleswood Junior High
Group 13 - Charleswood Junior High
Group 14 - Children of the Earth High School
Group 15 - Strathcona School, John W. Gunn School
Group 16 - John W. Gunn School, Yellowquill School
Group 17 - Elmwood High, River Elm School
Group 18 - River Elm School, Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary
Group 19 - Shaftesbury High School, Elmwood High School

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Sincere thanks to the individuals who allowed their original artwork to be reproduced on this website.