The panoramic photographs of Manitoba landscapes in the website banners are used with the kind permission of © Stan Milosevic.

The “landscape” images and metaphor illustrated in the website banners represent current understandings about curriculum presented in the “Guiding Principles for WNCP Curriculum Framework Projects” (Western and Northern Canadian Protocol, 2011).

New ways of thinking about curriculum involve a “shift in the images we use, away from knowledge pictured as fragmented pieces put together, one piece at a time, in a linear fashion on an assembly line, to an image of knowledge as a complex organic network organized into living fields, territories or 'landscapes'. Learning about these living fields of knowledge requires: 'learning the landscape'.”

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Grades 9 to 12

Manitoba Curriculum Framework

The Grades 9 to 12 Dance Curriculum Framework addresses the purpose, nature, and importance of quality dance education from Grades 9 to 12. The framework explains the use of the butterfuly as a metaphor for learning within the learning landscape of dance, and for representing the interconnected parts of the curriculum.

The Dance Curriculum Framework consists of four essential learning areas which are elaborated by 13 recursive learnings and realized through enacted learnings. Ideas for inquiry questions are included to support the enacted learnings by providing teachers and learners with possible entry points and pathways into the study of dance.

A Conceptual Framework for Learning Growth in Dance Education is provided as support for using the framework to design dance courses, plan for and assess learning in dance education, and to distinguish course credits for each grade. The Conceptual Framework is based on the 13 recursive dance learnings and is located as an Appendix in the Dance Curriculum Framework. Further appendices, a glossary, and bibliography provide additional support for the dance education learnings.