Alternate Format Services for Students with Print Disabilities

Services to Post-Secondary Students attending Manitoba's Colleges and Universities

Students who are registered as being visually impaired or who have certifiable disabilities which affect their ability to read print, and who attend Manitoba colleges or universities, have access to braille, large print, audio or electronic textbooks. Texts may be borrowed or produced for students with print disabilities (blind/visually impaired, physically disabled and learning disabled).

Acquiring and producing alternate format texts is a team effort. Students, special needs coordinators and instructors from the colleges and universities work with the Administrator of Post-Secondary Alternate Format Textbooks to ensure student learning needs are met without compromising the nature and content of the text.

Acquisition and production of special format textbooks requires considerable time. Titles are searched in the Alternate Format collection onsite, then through Interlibrary Loan contacts throughout Canada and the United States. Only textbooks not available from other sources will be produced. Full bibliographic detail, that is, title, author, edition, ISBN number, publisher and copyright date are needed to make sure the student receives the correct text. Course name, start and end dates of the course taken, and the teaching order of the textbook are musts so that installments will be sent out in a timely manner. Please contact the Team Leader of Post-Secondary Alternate Format Textbooks if there are changes in the teaching order, if the course is cancelled, or if the student withdraws from the course so that production/acquisition can be either cancelled or rearranged.

Working closely with students and special needs coordinators, Manitoba Education and Training strives to ensure that post-secondary students requiring alternate format support materials further their education and so enhance their personal, professional and educational opportunities.

For more information about this program and for information about how to access services, please contact the Administrator Post-Secondary Alternate Format Textbooks.

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