Alternate Format Services for Students with Print Disabilities

Alternate Format Production Services

Audio Production

Instructional Resources Unit (IRU) may produce audio textual materials for students who are print disabled and attend Manitoba schools if the requested title is not available for loan. When production of a text in audio format is required, two print copies of the text in good condition are needed before production can begin. Both print copies will be returned to the school when production is complete.

Time lines for production of an audio text depend on the current production schedule and the classification of the student's print disability. A lead time of three months is usually required to ensure the timely production of a text for a student.

See contact information below for inquiries regarding this service.

Braille and Tactile Production

Instructional Resources Unit (IRU) produces textbooks and supplementary reading materials in braille for students designated by a vision consultant as braille users, if the requested title is not already available for loan. Usually at least one print copy in good condition is required before production can commence. The print copy will be returned with a plastic coil binding when production is complete. It is necessary to identify the dates required and the order of chapters needed, as production may be completed over several months as segments are required.

Braille textbook production commences in April for delivery in September.

Seatwork and tactile drawings such as teacher created material, short excerpts from texts, magazine articles, examinations and tests can be produced upon request. Tactile drawings that already exist in the Browsing File can be ordered using the online form. To ensure that seatwork and tactile drawings are prepared on time for a student, MPS requires that good quality print materials be submitted a minimum of 10 working days before the date needed.

See contact information below for inquiries regarding these services.

Tactile Browsing File

The Browsing File is a collection of braille and tactile graphic items which are catalogued according to subject headings. Braille items include resource material, articles, short stories, poetry, recipes, etc. Tactile graphics include geographical maps, mobility maps, science and social studies diagrams. These materials may be ordered for eligible students.

The file is available as a PDF file and may be printed, downloaded or searched online using the find function in Adobe Acrobat™.

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Large Print Production

Large print is intended for the use of students who are significantly visually impaired or print disabled and whose opportunities to read more efficiently will be enhanced by the use of this format. This decision will be made during the functional vision assessment conducted by the vision consultant. In order to produce a book in large print at Instructional Resources Unit (IRU) it is crucial that one print copy, in perfect condition, be provided by the requesting school. Production timelines vary depending on the time of year that orders are requested. Ordering in May or June should ensure that books are ready for school opening in the fall. September and January orders may be delayed for several weeks. The regular print text will be returned with a coil binding after production is complete.

See contact information below for inquiries regarding these services.

Electronic Text Production (E-text)

Instructional Resources Unit (IRU) provides electronic textual materials in certain specific situations to print disabled students attending Manitoba Schools.

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