students at a table talking Provincial Attendance Policy and Action Plan

Implement a provincial attendance policy and an action plan to support student engagement and presence.

What's New

Using contributions from the Attendance Task Force and stakeholder engagements, a provincial attendance policy directive and an attendance strategy have been developed.

Created a new School and Community Support Unit to coordinate the directive and strategy, with the conclusion of the Task Force.

The Commitment

The Manitoba government is committed to improving student attendance and engagement in schools. An Attendance Task Force was established to work with stakeholders to develop strategies to identify and remove barriers to improve student presence and engagement in schools.

What This Means for Manitobans

Being present in class is a strong predictor of student success. Going to school regularly helps children and youth do well academically, feel better about themselves, develop healthy lifestyle habits, avoid unsafe behaviours, and graduate from high school.

Next Steps

  • Broad engagement with stakeholders to refine the provincial Attendance Policy Directive and Strategy will be coordinated by a new School and Community Support Unit.
  • The provincial Attendance Proclamation will be renewed.
  • A public education media campaign will be launched in conjunction with the implementation of the Attendance Policy Directive and Strategy in January 2023.

Advisory Bodies: Attendance Task Force

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