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Develop a new Framework for Learning to guide curriculum and assessment development and implementation, with the establishment of a Curriculum Advisory Panel to advise on this work

What's New

During the spring of 2022, the department held information sessions to introduce the Framework for Learning to school and division leaders across the province. The sessions focused on the components of the Framework for Learning and their relationship to living “The Good Life,” and they provided an opportunity for leaders to explore the definitions of Manitoba’s global competencies. Over the summer months, the department engaged with teachers on aligning the K to 12 curriculum to the principles of the Framework for Learning.

The Framework for Learning website launched in December 2022, will include further information and updates.

The Commitment

Manitoba’s Framework for Learning introduces provincial global competencies: critical thinking, creativity, citizenship, connection to self, communication, and collaboration.

The Framework for Learning provides the blueprint on which essential elements of learning and teaching in Manitoba are organized. It creates one access point for educators to find curriculum, assessment, evaluation, reporting, policy, and implementation for all four provincial programs. The Framework for Learning supports equity, creates access, develops and maintains cohesion, ensures flexibility, and allows for agility of teaching and assessment practices in Manitoba classrooms.

A recently renewed Curriculum Advisory Panel comprising education stakeholders, serving two-year terms, continues to guide and inform this work.

  • Strengthen Français and French Immersion curriculum policy and implementation with a distinct and parallel focus.
  • Implement a cyclical curriculum renewal process with an initial focus on physical education/health education and science.
  • Enhance age-appropriate curriculum by integrating content on residential schools, treaties, land-based education, Indigenous languages and Indigenous Peoples' historical and contemporary contributions.
  • Enhance student access to and utilization of career education resources and current labour market information.

What This Means for Manitobans

The Framework for Learning brings cohesion to Manitoba’s K to 12 education system by aligning the principles of curriculum and student assessment development and implementation. This framework establishes a systematic, cyclical curriculum renewal process that will result in contemporary, relevant, inclusive, and responsive curriculum. It fosters a common vision and shared understandings of teaching and learning among educators in Manitoba.

Next Steps

  • Work is continuing to engage educator teams in the new curriculum design, and in the renewal of the K to 10 Science and K to 12 Physical Education/Health Education curriculums.
  • The department will also engage with school and division leaders throughout the 2022/23 school year to continue building awareness and understanding of the Framework for Learning.

Advisory Bodies: Curriculum Advisory Panel

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