a teacher and graduate shake handsWorkforce Planning Framework

Create a workforce planning framework focused on recruitment/retention of school staff in rural and northern communities and increasing French, Indigenous and Indigenous-language educators.

What's New

The department has released Manitoba’s Recruitment and Retention Strategy for French Language Teachers: Moving to Action. This strategy and implementation plan leverages the best practices shared by French language partners in the recruitment and retention of French language teachers, and articulates opportunities for inter-sectoral collaborative engagements to strengthen and align our collective efforts.

The Commitment

To create a workforce planning framework focused on recruitment and retention of school staff in rural and northern communities, and on increasing the number of French, Indigenous, and Indigenous-language educators.

This body of work aims to create a provincial comprehensive, long-term recruitment, and retention strategy to address the shortage of teachers in these areas.

What This Means for Manitobans

The project is initially focusing on French language teachers and will

  • increase capacity for Manitoba to fully implement the Français Program and French Immersion Program
  • ensure Manitoba meets its constitutional obligation to provide equitable access for the Français Program and French Immersion Program
  • increase course selection for high school students in immersion programs
  • increase Manitoba’s internal capacity to address teacher shortages
  • deepen the pool of qualified candidates for the Français Program and French Immersion Program
  • increase the rate of student retention in immersion, and therefore increase the bilingualism rate

What We’ve Done

  • Met with school divisions and key sector partners to co-create the development of recruitment and retention initiatives.
  • Conducted virtual think tank engagement sessions with sector partners to inform implementation plan.
  • Finalized the French Language Teacher recruitment and retention strategy and implementation plan.

Next Steps

  • Following the launch of the Strategy, detailed planning with French language education sector partners for the implementation of related actions and initiatives will continue. The Strategy will guide recruitment and retention initiatives for French teachers in Manitoba for the foreseeable future.

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