Exchange Programs and Bursaries for Secondary Students

Exchange Programs

International Education Partnerships

Manitoba has entered into International Education Partnerships with other governments. These agreements are overseen by the Government of Manitoba, but administered by local educational institutions.

Manitoba-Québec Exchange Program

The Manitoba-Québec Exchange Program is offered to students enrolled in the French Immersion Program or taking the Basic French course, and who will be in Grade 10 or 11 next September. Students are paired with Québec students for a six-month period – three months in Manitoba and three months in Québec.


Explore LogoFive weeks of intensive French learning offered to anglophone students who have completed grade 11 and are 16 years old or older. It’s a program full of new discoveries and adventures with students from other provinces. Explore is offered in the spring or summer months across the country!

The Explore bursary accommodations and meals for the duration of the program, as well as tuition fees!


Deadline: February 15

Other available Bursaries


If you have any questions on any of the bursaries described above, please contact:

Coordinator of Official Languages Programs
Bureau de l’éducation française Division
Telephone: 204-945-6935
Toll-free (in Manitoba only): 1-800-282-8069, extension 6935

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