Teacher Bursaries

Official Minority Language Teacher Awards

The Official Minority Language Teacher Awards are funded by the Government of Canada’s Official Languages in Education Program and by Manitoba Education and Training

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To encourage teachers who hold a Manitoba teaching certificate to pursue courses which are either pedagogical in nature or designed to improve French-language competencies. These courses must be offered between April 1 and August 31.

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Eligible Courses and Programs

In Manitoba
Courses or Programs offered at the Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) Duration Amount of the Bursary
FIT (French Immersion for Teachers) three weeks in July $800 covers tuition fees for the three-week program (The bursary will be paid directly to the USB on the teachers’ behalf.)
Mini-FIT (Mini-French Immersion for Teachers) offered over two weekends in the spring (one in April and the other in May, from Thursday night to Saturday)

$350 covers tuition fees (The bursary will be paid directly to USB on the teacher’s behalf)

Plus: $125 per Friday, for the two Fridays of the program to help cover substitute costs, if needed (The USB will reimburse the school division for substitute costs.)
Credit courses offered through the Faculty of Education spring and summer courses

$300 per course (to a maximum of $1,200 per year)

Programs offered in French Duration Amount of the Bursary
Association canadienne d’éducation de langue française (ACELF) one week in July in Québec City $1,000 for the summer course
French Immersion Program (out-of-province)* minimum two weeks duration

$300 per week (to a maximum of $1,200 per year)

* The following post-secondary institutions offer programs for teachers and/or students who want to improve French language skills or who want to learn new methods for teaching French. They are offered in Québec and New Brunswick.

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An applicant must:

  • have a valid Manitoba teaching certificate or be a graduate from a faculty of education by the end of the current school year
  • teach in French in a Français or French Immersion school, or teach a French course (English Program), or be designated by a school division as a potential teacher of French
  • or

  • be a coordinator, consultant, librarian or member of the administrative personnel at a school offering the Français or French Immersion Program or French courses (English Program)
  • be registered in a course or program, offered between April 1 and August 31 as listed under the “Eligible Courses and Programs” section

An applicant must also:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • be a “Manitoba resident”, that is, having lived in Manitoba for 12 consecutive months ending the day before the first day of the program and having resided in Manitoba for a purpose other than a study program
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Payment of the Bursary

To receive the bursary payment, teachers must submit the “Verification by the Registrar” form (for courses other than FIT and Mini-FIT). This form will be available online and the link will be sent to applicants once the bursary has been confirmed.

Bursary cheques are issued at the end September.

NOTE: This bursary is considered taxable income and for this reason, your Social Insurance Number will be required when filling out the online application form.

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Application Deadline

Mini-FIT: March 30th

FIT, out-of-province courses and courses offered at l’Université de Saint-Boniface April 30th

Verification by the Registrar form - following completion of the courses or programs (other than FIT and Mini-FIT): August 31st

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How to Apply

Complete all sections of the online application form.

Please be sure to print the application for your records.

Additional required documents
  • For out-of-province courses only

    Provide your acceptance letter from the institution for your out-of-province course or program*.
    * If you have not yet received your acceptance letter, you can submit your application form without it. Once you have received the letter, you must forward it in order to complete your file.

    Please submit the acceptance letter by email at languesofficielles@gov.mb.ca

  • For students graduating from a faculty of education in the current school year

    Provide a photocopy of your diploma or a photocopy of your Manitoba teaching certificate, once you have received it.

    Please submit this document by email at languesofficielles@gov.mb.ca

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Additional Information

Once the application has been reviewed, the department will notify the candidate by email of the status of the application. The review will take place after April 30th and notifications will be emailed no later than the end of May.

On April 30th, if the number of eligible applications received exceeds the budget for the current year, bursaries will be awarded by random draw.

Applications received after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list by date received. They will only be considered when all other requests are processed and if there are funds still available in the current bursary budget.

Any change in the program of study must be reported immediately to the Provincial Coordinator at the Bureau de l’éducation française.

The Minister of Education and Training may cancel or reduce the amount of a bursary, or require a recipient to reimburse all or part of any bursary, if there is misrepresentation or error on the bursary application or for any other circumstance the Minister considers sufficient.

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For further information, contact:

Michelle Landry-Nanka
Provincial Coordinator, Official Languages Programs
Bureau de l'éducation française
Phone: 204-945-6935
Email: languesofficielles@gov.mb.ca
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