Professional Learning

This area of the website is designed to provide educators with professional learning tools and resources that highlight promising practice and research in Kindergarten to Grade 12 education.

Conferences and Workshops

Workshop Registration System
The Workshop Registration System is a searchable schedule of regional inservice sessions offered by Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning for educators within English and Senior Years Technology Education (English) Programs. Online registration is available for your convenience. Detailed instructions on how to use the site are offered as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Manitoba Teachers' Society Special Area Groups of Educators
The Special Area Groups affiliated with The Manitoba Teachers’ Society link a network of professional educators and offer professional learning opportunities in the form of conferences and workshops.

Online Professional Learning Communities Blackboard
If you belong to a Manitoba Online Learning Community, use this entry page to logon.

Student Services Summer Institute
The Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning Inclusion Support Branch is pleased to offer the Summer Institute. The Summer Institute provides a selection of workshops in Winnipeg in August.

French Immersion Conferences – Archive
French Immersion Students in Manitoba: Proud, Engaged, Global Citizens (2010-2011)
Evolving Perspectives in Immersion Education in the Global Village (2008-2009)

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Awards, Bursaries and Grants

Manitoba's Excellence in Education Awards
The awards aim to recognize the work of Manitoba's outstanding educators whose exemplary contributions enhance student learning and achievement.

Bursaries for Teachers
Are you a Basic French, French Immersion or prospective teacher of French and want to improve your language and methodology skills? The Bureau de l'éducation française has bursaries for you! Programs for teachers are offered in Winnipeg and the Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface or outside the province during the spring and summer months.

French Second Language Revitalization Program
Any school or school division wishing to revitalize French Second Language instruction and any organization that works directly with teachers or a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to promote French as a Second Language can apply for this grant. Applications may include, among others, professional development for teachers in French, cultural activities in French for students etc.

Professional Certification

A valid Manitoba teaching certificate must be held in order to work as professional school personnel in Manitoba. Professional school personnel include the classroom teacher, clinician, vocational teacher, special education coordinator, level 1 and level 2 administrators.

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