Distance Learning

Distance Learning Opportunities Frequently Asked Questions

October 2020

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Will I be able to register for Independent Study Option (ISO) courses for the 2021/22 school year?

No. The ISO course registration will remain open until December 30, 2020 and the ISO program will terminate in June 2021.

When do students who are currently registered need to complete their course(s)?

Students that registered in May 2020 or later need to adhere to the following deadlines:

  • All assignments are due by May 7, 2021.
  • All second attempts on assignments are due by May 21, 2021.
  • All exams must be written and returned to the Distance Learning Unit by May 21, 2021 or a minimum of three weeks before the course expiry date, whichever is sooner.
  • All exam rewrites must be written and returned to the Distance Learning Unit by June 4, 2021.

      The Distance Learning Unit will provide the following services:

  • All marking will be completed on or before June 18, 2021.
  • All report cards and Statements of Standing will be produced and mailed to the student/family/school on or before June 28, 2021.
  • All final marks will be reported to Manitoba Student Records by June 30, 2021.

What happens if I have not completed my ISO course by June 18, 2021?

All students who do not complete their courses by June 2021, will be required to take their courses over again with another service provider.

Can I pre-register for a second semester course so I am guaranteed a spot?

InformNet and the Teacher Mediated Option (TMO) are currently accepting registrations for the second semester.
Registration for ISO courses will close on December 30, 2020. All courses must be completed by June 2021.

Why has the decision been made to move away from ISO courses?

The Manitoba government is committed to ensuring that high-quality remote learning options are available for high school students across the province. It is moving forward with the development of an integrated provincial virtual learning system, which includes a provincial strategy to coordinate online, distance, and remote learning platforms, to establish performance measures, to monitor standards and achievement, and to assess value for money. Manitoba is refocusing funding for a more effective distance learning experience via the InformNet High School and TMO.

In the absence of ISO courses, what other accredited options are available?

InformNet is an accredited online high school. InformNet courses provide students with daily instruction, assignments and evaluation through regular email and web-based interaction from a certified high school teacher.

Teacher Mediated Option (TMO)
TMO delivers high school courses in a unique way, via teleconference or virtual classroom. Students can choose to call in to class by phone or log in through a Zoom classroom and join the teacher for LIVE scheduled instruction. Internet connectivity is not essential.

Adult Learning Centres
Adult Learning Centres provide accredited educational programming using recognized principles of adult education. Learners can earn individual high school credits, complete their Mature Student High School Diploma tuition free, or upgrade courses required as pre-requisites for further education or employment. In-person classes and flexible learning options are available. Online courses are available at selected Adult Learning Centres. For a complete listing of Adult learning Centres, please visit the Directory of Certified Adult Literacy Programs & Adult Learning Centres. For general information about Adult Learning Centres please visit the Adult Learning and Literacy website.

As a home schooling student or as an adult learner, can I register with InformNet or the TMO program?

Yes. Home schoolers and adult learners may register for high school courses offered by InformNet and TMO. 

What are my options if I need more courses for second semester?

InformNet and TMO are currently accepting course registrations for the second semester. ISO course registration will be open until December 30, 2020.

What options are available if I have limited or no Internet connectivity?

The TMO delivers courses for students with limited or no Internet connectivity.

What are my options if I require a print version of the course material?

TMO is able to support a print-based solution.

What other options do I have if the course(s) I want to take is available through ISO but is not available through InformNet or TMO?

As courses are made available, they will be added to the course offerings. You can see the complete InformNet course listings and the TMO course listings.

You may contact InformNet at 204-612-2628 or the Teacher Mediated Option at 204-637-2129 to inquire about specific courses.

What are my options if I want to enroll in a French Immersion course?

InformNet is developing and will be offering French Immersion courses. You may review their website regularly for updates. You are encouraged to reach out to your local school division to see what is offered in your area.

If my child has an individualized learning plan and requires adaptations, can this be accommodated through InformNet or the TMO program?

We encourage you to discuss your child’s needs with your school or school division prior to registering, as they are in the best position to plan with you for your child’s educational needs.

Where can I find course descriptions?

How are students evaluated within InformNet and TMO?

Students are accompanied in their course by a certified Manitoba teacher who will assess learning.

If I am enrolled in an InformNet course or a TMO course, am I required to participate in the provincial assessments?

  Yes. InformNet and TMO students participate in provincial assessments.

Are the InformNet and TMO courses accredited?

Yes. All InformNet and TMO courses are Manitoba-accredited. Students are accompanied in their learning by a certified Manitoba teacher.

If I am taking an InformNet or TMO course, where do I write my provincial tests?

Students attending a Manitoba school will write the required provincial tests at their respective schools. Please be sure to arrange this with your school.

Students not attending a Manitoba school will need to make arrangements with InformNet or TMO.

Is it possible to earn a Manitoba high school diploma through InformNet and TMO?

InformNet and TMO offer all the compulsory courses and some electives, allowing a student to obtain an English Manitoba high school diploma.