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Early Start French

A Spotlight on Pedagogy: Video Clips

The balanced literacy approach is introduced in Early Start French as the teacher implements a variety of literacy strategies in a linguistically rich environment. The teacher in the literacy-based classroom is the language model. The teacher models authentic vocabulary and simple language structures, interacting with the students in fun and authentic ways through simple dialogue, games, role-playing and songs.

In highly structured learning situations, the teacher introduces thematic texts, always framed by authentic oral communication that engages students to use new vocabulary and simple language structures. Next, the teacher introduces writing tasks appropriate for the grade level. These learning situations, always framed by authentic oral communication, engage students in developing writing skills appropriate for their cognitive developmental level in the context of learning a second language

The balanced literacy approach, modeled in the video clips below, shows the teacher how to put this methodology into practice. These video clips also illustrate the importance of establishing routines and integrating strategies for success.


Oral Communication and Rereading of a Text – Grade 1

Reading – Grade 3

  • Pre-reading – Grade 3
  • Reading – Grade 3
  • Post-reading – Grade 3

Writing – Grade 1

  • Integration of the Alphabet

The Game of Scrabble – Grade 3

  • Modeling with the Whole Class – Grade 3
  • The Students Playing on Teams – Grade 3
  • The Students Playing in Small Groups – Grade 3


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