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Schools in Manitoba

This website gives information and links to going to school in Manitoba, finding a school or a school division closest to your residence, school calendar dates, information on going to school in Manitoba (the right to attend school, compulsory school age, schools of choice, the school year, types of schools, school programs, and languages of instruction).

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Newcomer Parent Brochures

Newcomer Parent Brochure Covers

These parent guides are intended to help newcomer families as they navigate the Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning System. The five guides provide information on what families can expect through Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Manitoba and information on how to register for school. The guides also provide helpful tools such as checklists and questions that can be used to communicate with teachers and administrators for various purposes.

The five guides are:

The parent guides are also available in French, Ukrainian and Russian.

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My Child in School

Children are more likely to succeed in school when parents or guardians are informed and involved in their education. The Manitoba government recognizes the need to work in collaboration with parents to ensure all Kindergarten to Grade 12 students succeed. This link provides an overview of compulsory subjects by grade from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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Information for Families and Communities

This website provides links to information such as K-12 School Programs, Graduation Requirements, Distance Learning.

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Parents, Families and Communities Resources and Reports

This link provides information and resources for parents and families of students attending Manitoba schools. Three resources featured are:

  • School Programs
  • Graduation
  • Working Together Documents
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Diversity Education

This link provides information on diversity education (belonging, learning, and growing) and tools and resources for youth to get involved.

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Indigenous Education

This link provides valuable information on promoting and enhancing First Nations history and culture among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

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International and Heritage Languages

This link provides valuable information on a variety of languages offered as language of study in various schools in Manitoba.

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Career Planning Begins at Home

This website refers to a handbook that has been written for parents of children of Middle Years schools. Research indicates that parents are the number one influence on their children’s success in their educational pursuits and their choice of occupation. Helping children build on their skills, strengths, and confidence will assist them in planning for the future. This handbook has been written to encourage parents and children to begin thinking about and discussing career exploration. Many parents are already doing many of the activities proposed in this handbook.

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Career Development

This website provides a definition of and information about career development. Three resources on this website highlight:

  • Career Education - Courses and Credits
  • Safety Preparation for Student Career Learning and Work Experiences
  • Career Development Chart
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Student Services

This website features Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning’s commitment to fostering inclusion for all students.

Inclusive schools provide a learning environment that is accessible to all students as a place to learn, grow, be accepted and enjoy all the benefits of citizenship.

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Special Language Credit Option

This link provides information on how high school students can earn up to 4 high school credits (One in each of Grades9, 10, 11, and 12) for showing competency or provide credentials of proficiency in languages other than English or French.

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Report Cards

This link provides parent brochures on Manitoba Provinical Report Cards in a variety of differenct languages

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International Students

Manitoba warmly welcomes all international students, and appreciates the diverse perspectives you bring to our classrooms and communities. In return, Manitoba offers you a high quality and affordable education experience, with opportunities for you to learn in English or French environments.

The International Education website features several resources which will be of interest to international and potential immigrant students and their parents. The site covers all aspects of the field of international education and is designed to provide information and resources to a wide group of people. Three resources available are:

  • Elementary to High School
  • Distance Learning
  • Language Schools

To discover more about why you should consider studying in Manitoba, explore the International Students section of our website.

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