English as an Additional Language


Manitoba Kindergarten to Grade 12 Curriculum Framework for English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Literacy, Academics and Language (LAL) Programming (2021)

These four documents describe EAL Domains and Progressions for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students who are learning EAL, and LAL phases for Middle and Senior Years students who are developing foundational literacy, academics, and EAL.

Senior Years English as an Additional Language Literacy Courses - Pilot

This document is meant to be used by teachers working with EAL high school learners in the context of the EAL Stage 1, EAL Stage 2, and EAL Stage 3 credits. They provide learning expectations for students in the early stages of EAL learning.

Senior Years Literacy, Academics, and Language (LAL) Literacy Courses - Pilot

Intended for educators in Grades 9-12 providing programming and supports for EAL students who have experienced significant disruption in their formal education and have low literacy capabilities in any language.

Senior Years Literacy, Academics, and Language (LAL) Numeracy Courses

This document contains four half-courses that provide background knowledge and processes in Mathematics and the development of language to enable the students to transition more successfully into the grade-level Grade 9 Mathematics course.

English Language Arts: English as an Additional Language for Academic Success

This Grade 12 40S English Language Arts course is designed for advanced-level English as an additional language (EAL) students who wish to further develop the academic English language skills required for success in Senior Years and post-secondary education. The course is a Grade 12 English Language Arts (not EAL) elective. Advanced EAL students (approaching or at Stage 5) will benefit from integrated ELA/EAL courses which reinforce and build proficiency in a range of language knowledge and skills required across the Senior Years curriculum and areas of post-secondary study. Through its five thematic modules that draw on current topics and scaffolded learning experiences, the course develops academic language skills and learning strategies needed for success across a number of subject areas, with emphasis on the sciences, mathematics, and social sciences.

Note: The English Language Arts: English as an Additional Language for Academic Success - A Course for Senior 4 EAL Learners (40S) can not be used as the English Language Arts 40S course required for graduation purposes. It is an optional credit course.