Assessment and Evaluation

The department believes that the primary role of assessment is to enhance teaching and improve student learning, and supports this through the Provincial Assessment Initiative and the Provincial Assessment Program.

The Role of Assessment in Learning

Assessment plays a major role in how students learn, their motivation to learn and how teachers teach.

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Provincial Assessment Initiative

The focus of the Provincial Assessment Initiative is two-fold:

  • promoting effective classroom-based assessment and communication practices that maximize learning for all students
  • fostering the use of assessment data to improve student learning

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Provincial Assessment Program

The Provincial Assessment Program supports learning by

  • providing feedback to students, teachers and parents about student learning
  • informing instructional planning and helping to determine the need for changes or student specific interventions
  • providing system-wide information that assists in identifying trends and making decisions about resources and support
  • providing the public with general information about student achievement to sustain confidence in the education system

Large scale province-wide assessments are conducted

In addition, samples of Manitoba students participate in National and International Assessments.

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