Post-Secondary Education

Historical Post-Secondary Statistics

Prior to 2015, Advanced Learning Division operated as an arm’s length agency of Government called the Council on Post-Secondary Education (COPSE). COPSE publicly reported statistics on Manitoba’s post-secondary education system in the Statistical Compendium.

Historical Data Tables

For more specific statistical information on Manitoba’s post-secondary education system, the following tables are available in Microsoft Excel format.

Colleges – 2017/2018 (Microsoft Excel Document 181 KB)
Colleges – 2016/2017 (Microsoft Excel Document 181 KB)
Colleges – 2015/2016 (Microsoft Excel Document 178 KB)
Colleges – 2014/2015 (Microsoft Excel Document 175 KB)

Universities – 2017/2018 (Microsoft Excel Document 199 KB)
Universities – 2016/2017
(Microsoft Excel Document 199 KB)
Universities – 2015/2016 (Microsoft Excel Document 214 KB)
Universities – 2014/2015 (Microsoft Excel Document 204 KB)

Previous Compendiums

The following documents are available for download as PDF Adobe PDF Document files.