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Prospective Private Vocational Institutions

Private vocational institutions offer employment training in a wide range of occupational fields. Programs may be taught in the classroom, through practicums, by distance education or correspondence, or through a combination of these methods. Institutions are usually privately owned and operate as businesses. They do not receive direct financial support from government.


Manitoba’s registered private vocational institutions are governed by The Private Vocational Institutions Act and Manitoba Regulation 237/02. This provides consumer protection and ensures the training provided gives students the skills and knowledge relevant to their chosen field of employment.

The Private Vocational Institutions Act is available online for viewing or printing.

Registering a Private Vocational Institution

Private vocational training providers in Manitoba are required to register with the Private Vocational Institutions Branch if they offer at least one vocational program with both:

  • a minimum of 40 hours of instruction
  • a minimum of $400 in total costs

Some schools are exempt from registration under The Private Vocational Institutions Act.  It is the school’s responsibility to confirm with the Private Vocational Institutions Branch whether their program requires registration or is exempt.

Schools must submit a pre-screening form to the Private Vocational Institutions Branch in order to review the proposed program:
Pre-Screening Form

Until an institution has been registered (or exempted), it is a violation of the act to deliver or advertise the delivery of vocational programs.  An institution cannot enrol or collect tuition from students, until the registration and program approval process is complete or an exemption letter has been received.
Failure to comply with the requirements of the act may be used as grounds to refuse either:

  • an application for registration
  • an application for re-registration of an institution
  • approval of a program

The Private Vocational Institutions Branch will review the pre-screening information and provide your school with instructions for the next steps in the process, including applicable forms:

  • An Application to Register a Private Vocational Institution, along with the required supporting documents, is used to assess your ability to be a responsible operator.
  •  An Application for Program Review, along with the required supporting documents, is used to assess the quality and labour market demand for the program you are proposing to deliver. You are required to register at least one program before you can be registered as a private vocational institution.

All application forms must be completed electronically and submitted to Private Vocational Institutions Branch via email, along with the required supporting documentation. Registration fees can be mailed or dropped off.
Once all documents are received, the process of reviewing the program begins. This can take from three to six months. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  You can avoid delays by ensuring your application is complete before submitting it.


Registration and assessment fees are collected under The Private Vocational Institutions Act and Manitoba Regulation 237/02, M.R. 101/2008, as follows:

Registration fees:
  • $275 – institution plus one program of instruction
  • $150 – additional program of instruction
Assessment fees:
  • $275 – each new program of instruction
  • $100 – each amended program of instruction

You can submit your fees as a bank draft, cheque or money order, made payable to the Minister of Finance.

What are some of my obligations as a registered private vocational institution?

  • You must submit Training Completion Fund reports, listing all students enrolled in each program. You must also remit one per cent of the total tuition.
  • You must complete forms as required for approval of new instructors, changes to current program costs and content, and offering of new programs.
  • You must renew registration annually, complete with the annual registration fee
  • Annual site inspections are compulsory.


Sexual Violence Policy

PLEASE NOTE: The Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Act came into force on April 27, 2017. The act requires that all private vocational institutions develop and implement policies that prevent and respond to sexual violence. Anyone applying to register a new private vocational institution must include a copy of their policy with their application for registration.

Manitoba Post-Secondary Sexual Violence Policy Guide

The Manitoba government has developed a guide to assist post-secondary institutions in developing their sexual violence policies, as required under The Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Act. This guide outlines all of the requirements under the act, as well as best practices regarding awareness, prevention and responding to sexual violence on campus.


If a student has a complaint about a private vocational institution, it is their responsibility to attempt to resolve any conflict by contacting the institution’s administration. The student has a limitation period of one year from the date of the alleged offence to submit a formal written and signed complaint to the Private Vocational Institutions Office describing their concerns.

The Private Vocational Institutions Office does not function in an advocacy role on behalf of either the student or the institution. Instead, it assumes the role of facilitator between the parties to ensure compliance with the Act and the Regulations. All complaints are confidential and information regarding the complaint, investigation and resolution are provided only to the parties involved.

The Private Vocational Institutions Office will:

  • determine whether the complaint is valid
  • confirm that the date of the alleged incident falls within the one-year limitation
  • determine whether the complainant has met with the administrator of the private vocational institution

If there appears to be grounds for a formal complaint, the Private Vocational Institutions Office will:

  • request that the complainant place any concerns in writing to the institution, with a copy to the Private Vocational Institutions Office
  • if necessary, schedule an appointment for an interview with the Project Officer from the Private Vocational Institutions Office
  • request documentation (example, a copy of the enrolment contract and written permission from the complainant to access information pertaining to his/her student record on file with the institution)
  • work with the complainant and the institution to resolve the conflict, where possible

While an investigation may result in some action being taken against an institution, the Private Vocational Institutions Office has limited authority to pursue a full tuition refund on behalf of a complainant.

Please note that anonymous, frivolous and unfounded complaints are not pursued.

Registered Private Vocational Institutions

Please note that registration of a private vocational institution is not a recommendation or an endorsement by Manitoba Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration. It is simply an indication that the institution has met all statutory requirements for registration as required under The Private Vocational Institutions Act and Manitoba Regulation 237/02. All information is general and the accuracy and timeliness cannot be guaranteed.

The following schools are currently registered with the Private Vocational Institutions Branch:
List of registered PVIs in MB

Designation - Eligibility for Canada and Manitoba Student Loans

An institution can apply to become a designated educational institution, which allows eligible students to receive Canada and Manitoba student loans. The institution must first be registered (or be exempted from registration) with our office. Their program must be delivered for a minimum of 12 months before they can apply for designation.  Manitoba Student Loans are available for domestic students only.

Ineligible Programs

Some programs are not considered for designation. These include the following:

  • programs that are less than 12 weeks in length
  • adult basic education
  • upgrading
  • literacy training
  • high school equivalency (GED)
  • college and university preparatory programs
  • English as a second language (ESL)
  • pre-training programs
  • formal instruction or practical training required for the acceptance in a professional corporation life skills programs
  • hobby, self-interest and self-development programs

Manitoba Student Aid

Please go to the Institution Officers link under RESOURCES, and see the Designation Policy and Designation Applications links for more information.

Manitoba Student Aid - Current Designated Educational Institutions

Government of Canada - List of designated educational institutions

International Education

Designated Learning Institutions

For a private vocational institution (PVI) to enroll international students into their programs that are six months or longer in length, they must have status as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Designated Learning Institutions List

International Education Information

International Education Branch
Information Handbook for Meeting Designation Requirements
The International Education Act